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Digital Machining

We are equipped for the digital large format (3100 x 2100 x 450mm) machining of soft materials: wood, plastics but also aluminium, brass, copper, bronze.

Cutting, engraving or volumes
Clamping Suction
10 tools changer
Lubrication spray.

Linked with selected partners, we also handle the machining of hard metals, turning, EDM.

For your machining subcontracting needs, please visit our specialised service: USINAGE XL

Laser cutting:

Machine dedicated to non-metallic materials (plastics, wood, cardboard, leather, foams ...).
Allows fine cutting and very detailed engraving, from all types of 2D files (vector plots, photos ...).
1300 x 900 mm; varying thicknesses depending on the materials (from 0.01 to 20mm).

These manufacturing techniques allow easy recycling of shavings and offcuts.