Expédition Scintillante Act II

"L'Expédition Scintillante, Act II" is a installation by Pierre Huygue, initially exhibited at the Bregenz Museum (Austria).
Sound, light and smoke animation.

Re-published in 2007 in two copies, for Art Unlimited (Art-Basel), the work was redesigned by Enzyme in line with the 21st century (with LED lighting).

An edition equipped with incandescent lighting was produced in 2008; still with home-made spotlights.

Corian trim, LED lighting specially-developed: 200 spotlights manufactured in aluminium and assembled in our workshops, DMX-controlled, high-end audio system.

Technical design
Component integration
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    Installation à Raven Row, Angeleterre, 2013.
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    Installation à Séoul, 2014.