The Carriage


Xavier Veilhan followed Jeff Koons at the Château de Versailles in 2009.

The exhibition lasted three months and surrounded the entire area with 9 works, 4 of which were designed and produced by the Enzymes:
- The Carriage
- The Naked Woman
- The Mobile
- The Cuckoo

15 metres in length, 3 tons of steel, about a thousand folded, welded and painted sides.

Manufacturing drawings
Project management

Design and manufacture of a frame-podium for perennial installation in Metz, France.

Edition on scale 3/5 reducing its size to 9m vs 15m.

Series of 5 parts:
Four painted and one out of polished stainless.
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    Photo : Florian Kleinefenn, Installation au Château de Versailles, 2009.
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    Installation Place de la République à Metz.

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    Photo : Marc Royer, Ville de Metz, 2010.
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    Photo : Studio Veilhan, Mori Museum, Tokyo, 2012.
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    Photo : Mike Fear © The National Trust, Rothschild Foundation Waddesdon, Angleterre, 2013.
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    Le Carrosse, version bleue, à Séoul, 2012.